Protraction Face Mask BLUE (mask, pads, key)(1 each)

Item #: MO-PLUS

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The Morales PLUS Protraction Face Mask is dynamic in design, this means, that both the forehead rest and chin cup slide freely along the vertical mainframe, allowing patients to open and close their mouths without restriction.

  • Anatomic profile.
  • Easy adaptation.
  • Ergonomic forehead rest and chin cup support.
  • Cotton padding.
  • Crossbar with 2 grooves per side.

The Morales PLUS Protraction Face Mask features a small forehead rest and chin cup yet still provides adequate mainframe support. The horizontal crossbar can be adjusted vertically to change the angle of elastic force. 

The cotton padding improves its function by providing greater comfort to the patient and facilitates their cooperation. Due to its overextended design, it decreases the pressure areas of the chin on the soft tissues and reduces possible periodontal problems caused by excessive pressure in a defined area, as well as irritation due to sweating.

The stops system allows the following function: 

  • Dynamic face mask. When using a dynamic face mask, opening and closing movements are allowed offering greater comfort to the patient.
  • Fixed face mask. When the stops immobilize the chin cup, opening and closing movements are not allowed, maintaining the elastics on the same direction of traction.

Any excess that protrudes below the lower stop should be cut to avoid damage to the soft tissues.

It is for the individual use of the patient and must be used under the responsibility and supervision of the specialist dentist. The patient should use it at home and in activities that do not involve risk.

The anatomic mainframe is constructed from a rectangular stainless steel bar, rigid enough to support even the heaviest elastics.

Facial balance allows an equal elastic force on both sides of the patient’s maxilla. To ensure balance, position the elastics in the same groove on both sides of the horizontal crossbar. If an asymmetry still exists, try crossing the elastics to their opposite side on the crossbar.