Reliawax Wax-Like Protection 1.5 gram Syringe/10 Needle Tips

Item #: C10-998

ReliaWax - Wax-Like Protection in a Syringe

ReliaWax is a reliable and revolutionary wax-like protection in a syringe that provides enduring comfort for your patients. The standard orthodontic patient wax may last a couple of hours or at most a couple of days, but ReliaWax is different. Apply ReliaWax in office, light cure, and it will stay in place between appointments!

  • Outperforms traditional patient wax
  • Light cure gel in a syringe 
  • Semi-permanent - Remains in place from one appointment to the next
  • Withstands routine brushing and eating
  • Crystal clear and durable 
  • Fluoresces under black light 
  • Single piece removal 
  • Contains one 1.5g 1RWX syringe with 10 tips
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