About Us


Since beginning operations in 1983, Orthodontic Supply of Canada Inc. (OSC) has grown to be Canada’s largest independent distributor of orthodontic products.

For over 35 years:

  • OSC has helped orthodontic practices source state-of-the-art products from around the world. We source products sold under the OSC brand and we distribute products for many manufacturers including Reliance Orthodontic Products; Raintree-Essix and Glenroe by Dentsply; Lancer Orthodontics; Orthopli; ETM/AEZ; Forestadent and ShockDoctor. By doing so, we are able to provide clients with new products on an on going basis.

  • OSC has helped orthodontic practices reduce risk. We are a Health Canada certified Orthodontic and Dental products distributor. We verify that our products meet Health Canada standards and that all medical device licenses are up-to-date. By doing so, we ensure that you are using quality certified products on your patients.

  • OSC has helped orthodontic practices become more efficient. Our dedicated customer service staff deals with all the requirements related to importing products so you don’t have to.

  • OSC has helped orthodontic practices remain on budget. Our prices have brokerage fees and duties included. We also sell in Canadian dollars so there are no surprises when the products arrive at your place of business.

  • OSC has helped orthodontic practices purchase “For Everything Ortho” easily. You can place orders for over 4000 products using our 1-800 number, via e-mail, via fax or online at www.orthosupply.ca.

  • OSC has helped support the community. OSC supports various community events throughout the year including Run for the Cure, Team Canada Healing Hands and the Canadian Association of Orthodontists Scientific Sessions.



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