Ortho Solo Refill (5ml Bottle)

Item #: E0271

Sealant and Bond Enhancer
Ortho Solo™ is a fluoride -releasing universal sealant and bond enhancer. With light-cure and paste-paste systems, Ortho Solo replaces the sealant. With no-mix chemicalcure systems, Ortho Solo should be used in addition to the activator for best results.
Ortho Solo incorporates a bond-enhancing property that improves adhesion to the tooth at the adhesive interface, hence reducing bond failures. The glass filler, unique to Ortho Solo, acts as a stress and shock absorber, preventing cracks that can lead to bond failures. This formulation also releases fluoride where you need it the most at the enamelresin interface.
With Ortho Solo, no air-dry or light-cure step is needed, thereby saving valuable chair time. It also includes a compound that displaces moisture, making the technique more forgiving when a dry field is inadvertently compromised.


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5ml Bottle

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